Resizing Rings – Which Metal to Subject, Which Ones are Not

platinum ringThe need to resize a ring can come from different reasons. For some, it is because of their weight gain or weight loss, which makes the ring too tight or too loose. To some they simply want to wear that ring to another finger.

Whatever reasons you have for resizing, there is one thing for sure – this procedure is common. With that, this procedure can be done with almost every type of ring. However, just like every rule – there is always an exception to it.

If resizing the ring is of real necessity, make sure that you consult a jeweller for precaution. When it comes to the types of metals for your ring though, there is no need to consult one. Here are the types of ring metals than can proceed to resizing and those that are not.

The Resizable Metals


This is definitely one of the most desired and common metals used in all varieties of rings. The popularity of it is unsurpassed. The durability and hardness of it depends on the karat it has.


It is softer as compared to other metals. This is why it is more susceptible to damages like scratching. The tendency that it oxidise is also greater, which can cause the metal to turning into black.


When it comes to metal options for the ring, platinum is the most prestigious and expensive one. It has also fast become a popular option for wedding rings. It is a dense metal, which gives it a heavier feel.


Palladium belongs in the most luxurious options for your rings. It is lightweight with natural white color and is resilient to discoloration. It is also durable. It belongs in the platinum metal group. In the group of precious metals, this one belongs in the rarest kind. That is why it is mostly esteemed.

The Rings Metals That Are Not for Resizing

As already stated, there are ring metals that you cannot subject to resizing. Here is the list of hose metals and why.


Titanium is another option for durable ring metals. Among the naturally occurring metals in Earth, this is the strongest one. It is light though despite that strength. The strength it possess is also the reason behind it popularity. However, this is also the characteristic of the metal that disallow it to be resized.  It cannot even be soldered. With that, it has a limited number of ring styles made.

Tungsten Carbide

This is a compound of carbon and tungsten. It is durable, hard and heavy. Because of its durability, it is more resistant to scratches as compared to others. It can retain its shiny and bright luster for a long time. It also has a permanent polish.

This means that they do not need regular polishing and they need less maintenance as compared to other metals. The durability of it though is the reason why it cannot be cut or soldered. This prevents the ring from being resized.

Stainless Steel

Like with titanium and tungsten, stainless steel also possesses a material property that makes it impossible to resize.

You can always resize your ring for whatever reason if you want to. However, make sure that before you subject your ring to the process, it is made of the metal that allows the process. If not, be contented with what size your ring currently has.