Resizing Rings – Which Metal to Subject, Which Ones are Not

platinum ringThe need to resize a ring can come from different reasons. For some, it is because of their weight gain or weight loss, which makes the ring too tight or too loose. To some they simply want to wear that ring to another finger.

Whatever reasons you have for resizing, there is one thing for sure – this procedure is common. With that, this procedure can be done with almost every type of ring. However, just like every rule – there is always an exception to it.

If resizing the ring is of real necessity, make sure that you consult a jeweller for precaution. When it comes to the types of metals for your ring though, there is no need to consult one. Here are the types of ring metals than can proceed to resizing and those that are not.

The Resizable Metals


This is definitely one of the most desired and common metals used in all varieties of rings. The popularity of it is unsurpassed. The durability and hardness of it depends on the karat it has.


It is softer as compared to other metals. This is why it is more susceptible to damages like scratching. The tendency that it oxidise is also greater, which can cause the metal to turning into black.


When it comes to metal options for the ring, platinum is the most prestigious and expensive one. It has also fast become a popular option for wedding rings. It is a dense metal, which gives it a heavier feel.


Palladium belongs in the most luxurious options for your rings. It is lightweight with natural white color and is resilient to discoloration. It is also durable. It belongs in the platinum metal group. In the group of precious metals, this one belongs in the rarest kind. That is why it is mostly esteemed.

The Rings Metals That Are Not for Resizing

As already stated, there are ring metals that you cannot subject to resizing. Here is the list of hose metals and why.


Titanium is another option for durable ring metals. Among the naturally occurring metals in Earth, this is the strongest one. It is light though despite that strength. The strength it possess is also the reason behind it popularity. However, this is also the characteristic of the metal that disallow it to be resized.  It cannot even be soldered. With that, it has a limited number of ring styles made.

Tungsten Carbide

This is a compound of carbon and tungsten. It is durable, hard and heavy. Because of its durability, it is more resistant to scratches as compared to others. It can retain its shiny and bright luster for a long time. It also has a permanent polish.

This means that they do not need regular polishing and they need less maintenance as compared to other metals. The durability of it though is the reason why it cannot be cut or soldered. This prevents the ring from being resized.

Stainless Steel

Like with titanium and tungsten, stainless steel also possesses a material property that makes it impossible to resize.

You can always resize your ring for whatever reason if you want to. However, make sure that before you subject your ring to the process, it is made of the metal that allows the process. If not, be contented with what size your ring currently has.




Top Alternatives to Whey Protein

Alternatives to Whey ProteinIn this day and age of all things fitness, consumers and fitness fanatics are coming up with unique and innovative methods to grow a healthier, stronger, and aesthetically pleasing body.

Health enthusiasts are constantly on the look-out for fitness workouts and meal programs that aid in their quest for superhuman strength and god-like physiques.

One of the most common supplements most body builders and the average gym goer use is whey protein. Whey protein is one the most famous and researched upon protein supplements currently on the market.

Whey protein is basically a mixture of various protein types generated from whey. Whey is a liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production.

Whey protein includes amino acids in abundance. These particular elements help in recovery and regeneration of muscle mass in the human body after a strenuous workout or fitness regime.

There are numerous well documented benefits of whey protein. Some of them are as follow.

  • Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle
  • Increase Size and Strength of Muscle
  • Reduce Hunger
  • Fight Cancer
  • Improved Immune System
  • Handling of Stress

Alternatives to Whey Protein

Although whey protein is highly beneficial as a source of large amounts of protein needed for preservation and increase of muscle mass.

There are various alternatives that provide somewhat similar and in some cases even better results for users. Some of the top alternatives consumers can use instead of whey protein are as listed below.

  • Egg White Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Brown Rice
  • Milk Protein
  • Oily Fish
  • Nuts
  • Soy Protein
  • Casein Protein
  • Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein

Hemp ProteinOut of all the above mentioned alternatives to whey protein, hemp protein is quite possibly the best alternative in term of application, use, and benefits.

Hemp protein is made up of the byproduct of hemp seeds. The hemp seed has their oil extracted and the remaining protein-rich byproduct is then converted into hemp supplements.

Hemp appears to be a suitable meal replacement due to its high fiber content and unique health benefits.

Hemp is also believed to be a high quality protein source due to its high rate of digestibility. Research has proven that hemp is more easily digested than other sources of protein such as nuts and lentils.

Another benefit of hemp that differentiates it from other sources of protein is the presence of omega-3 fatty acids and other stomach-filling fiber. Most protein powders are pure protein, unlike hemp protein powder or supplements.

Hemp also contains anti-fatigue properties and are highly beneficial for vegans. This makes it perfectly suitable for athletes in their quest for improved performance. Focus Performance are a sports supplements company with some very good whey and hemp protein options.

In conclusion, there are supplements available in a high variety in order to aid recovery and performance. Whey protein is considered one of the standout supplements for fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

However, there are high quality alternatives available for whey protein. One of the best available is hemp seed protein. Due to its unique characteristics and added benefits, hemp is widely used by athletes and the average Joe for better results related to performance.

In Case You Hate Exercise, Read This!

In Case You Hate ExerciseAs much as possible, I don’t want to promote hatred when it comes to exercising because it is really not something one should be hating on. But if we may all be honest for a moment, not everybody is so fond of this activity. Even Oprah is honest enough to say that she hates it, but since she really wants to lose weight, there is no way around it but to just do it. There are ways on how you could actually trick your body to think that you are exercising even when you’re not.

But okay, let us first define exercising. Most of the time, the first thing that comes to mind with this word is having to go on a strict physical training with a trainer and it just sounds like a lot of work. Most people are already turned off with the idea of having to do it everyday. But today, you will find out how to exercise without the stress and the pressure that usually comes with the activity. The trick is to just move. It is that easy. Don’t be a couch potato and stop being idle and you will be surprised on the amount of calories you could be burning in a day.

Do some house chores by simply rearranging the furniture in your place. Clean your entire home every now and then and run errands. Go do the grocery shopping alone. Instead of just napping, do these activities and the next thing you know, you have already lost weight. People are often under the impression that once exercise is the subject, one should be hitting treadmill and lifting heavy weights. It is not always like that because it could be simpler and easier.

But of course, it would still depend on the kind of weight that you have. If you are borderline obese, then I would suggest that you get some professional trainer to get you started and finally lose those fats that wouldn’t do anything to your body and would even cause you harm. You could still just apply the “movement exercise” but don’t expect that you will see some drastic results quickly. It could definitely a while if fats have already resided in your body for a long time.In Case You Hate Exercise 2

Don’t lose though because as long as you are making every effort to lose weight and have a flat stomach, then nothing is impossible and you would be able to see results as well eventually. You could also use some body wraps by Nathalie on your belly area and even on your arms and thigh part to help you reduce the fats in your body.

So cheer up! It is not the end of the world if you still haven’t achieved your goal weight today. Try these things I have here and you would surely get your results sooner than you think, if only you would be into it 100% and do these things consistently. Remember that consistency is everything when it comes to your diet and general health.

Achieve A Flat Tummy With This New Technology


The great thing about living in this generation is the plethora of possibilities to improve one’s health, weight and appearance. But more than the concern on the looks, the priority should always be your health. How you would look outwardly will just follow if you’re having the right diet and proper exercise on a regular basis. But supposed you can’t seem to wait anymore and wants to see some changes immediately, here is some good news for you and it’s called a Body Wrap. If you want to have a flat tummy and you are too busy to go to the gym and actually spend time working out, then this could be a good and quick solution.


All you will need to do is just wrap it around your waist area and wear it for about 45 minutes. This thing will tone and firm the skin in that area without you having to make any effort. Imagine just sitting by the pool or just inside your room watching television with this thing wrapped around your waist, and it simply does wonders to your body.


We won’t exactly advise you to depend on it entirely. It is still best to change your eating habits into a healthy one to be able to keep up with having the flat tummy that you always want to achieve. There are also special exercises that you could do without having to exert too much effort.


Now, hitting the gym to get that toned and fit body that you want is also something to consider. Technologies like the It Works Body Wraps By  could help in maintaining what you have already worked for in the gym. onlyawrap wrap results from 7 body wraps


Relying on materials like this on a regular basis isn’t exactly going to solve the root of the issue in your weight. Whether you like it or not, you must create meal plan for you to lose weight. And it’s not just about creating it, but actually sticking to it. Lots of people have started with a diet plan only to have it dwindling until they are no longer interested. Remember that consistency is key. You can’t just do it one time and no longer continue with it because there is a huge tendency that your fats would just come back to once again bring you down.


The goal is to be healthy and not just to lose weight only to be thin. It is a common mistake that lots of people do when they try to lose weight. Wrong motivation could lead to your goals not being fulfilled. It always best to have the right mindset in order to make a fit and healthy body happen. Your dream of having a perfectly toned and tight abs is going to follow, as soon as you organize your diet plan, your exercise and having the Body Wrap part of your life.




Getting Into Fruits For a Healthy Lifestyle

Living healthy is a conscious decision that you must make. If you don’t decide and stick to it, that’s the only time you would be able to make healthy living as a lifestyle. For others it is a temporary thing. You must keep in mind that consistency is key here. Now, in order to be on this healthy living program, your eating habits must be fixed. We say getting into fruits is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. This will bring forth a lot of great changes in your health.

Check your pantry and your fridge and see if you still have junk foods left in there. What we want for you to do is to omit all of those and replace them with fruits this time. Make it a habit to have fruits be a part of your routine. From your breakfast to your dinner up to your midnight snacks, fruits could be a part of them and this would completely turn your life around when it comes to your health. You will first notice the difference in your metabolism and your energy level.

fruits for a healthy life style Junk foods would make you feel lazy and unproductive, but fruits would make you feel vibrant and energize. Fructose, which is the healthiest form of sugar, is present in fruits. This is the reason why you would feel energetic without having to risk yourself in getting diabetes. There are also different kinds of fruit snacks that are safe for you to munch on instead of your usual potato chips. You can try on some dried mangoes, as they are perfect for those who are often craving for a bag of chips.

If you want to keep yourself awake, make apple your alternative from pounding on your usual caffeine. Too much caffeine is not good for your health as well because it might keep you up for too long. Apple on the other hand would give you the same energy without leaving you with a feeling of being restless. Sometimes coffee tends to do that and when that happens, it is just about the right time to lay off the caffeine and change it to apple.

After meditating, we also recommend that you eat a banana. The potassium in it will help you balance out the energy and frequency of your body after practicing some intense meditation. Instead of sodas, how about some fruit smoothie instead? Making them is more fun too! Just get some avocado or melon, ice and some sugar and milk and you’re all set to have a refreshing beverage. It is way healthier than soda and even less expensive than buying a coffee from Starbucks.

Some would say that eating healthy these days is just expensive. The truth is that it’s not. All you need to do is be resourceful and find ways out there because we are sure that there are so many affordable healthy alternative for you to eat.


Exercising Without A Gym Membership

You don’t need to exercise just to lose weight. The truth is that you need to exercise. Period. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you pretty much can’t skip this fact that will help you achieve a normal and healthy body. Exercising will keep you from craving unhealthy foods and it will also increase your metabolism. Having a routine of exercise will make you even more active and productive. You will be able to accomplish a lot of things when you exercise, rather than just spending your time sitting on the couch and watching your favorite sitcom with tons of chips on your bowl. Yikes!

excerciseOf course you can eat some comfort food every now and then, just don’t make that as a lifestyle! And the best way to not make that a lifestyle is through exercising. Most people who have been into it and have started it would tell you that they have even been addicted to keeping their body fit. That should be the goal anyway. Not to lose weight but to be fit. Don’t exercise to be skinny! Exercise to be healthy.

You can do this without having to spend a single dime for gym membership. Just go outside and start running, jogging, walking and pretty much just moving for the next 30 minutes of your life. It doesn’t even to take that long. 15 to 30 minutes of your day is enough to keep your body in great shape. And guess what, it’s even free! Set a schedule on your bulletin board as to when is the perfect time for you to go outside and enjoy some exercising. You can even just walk your dog and enjoy the beach doing some jogging and that’s already considered exercising.

Engaging to sport activities is also something that we would recommend. Basketballs, badminton and even volleyball by the beach could help you keep on moving. Inspire yourself everyday to exercise and you can do it by finding some people who are good in the field of sports. Manny Pacquiao’s routine jog in the hills of Hollywood will make you want to run the way he does! That is why his stamina and precision during his boxing game are on point! Now you know his secret.

It is important to have a goal when it comes to your exercise habit and it could be achieved through sticking to your schedule of actually doing it. Dedication and consistency is key. There are so many things that exercising could fix in your body aside from your diet. It could also improve your skin and even your mental health. Being idle and bingeing on junk foods and basically not doing anything would only lead to depression and your skin to go dull. Make it a habit to exercise because you blood flow will become regular and the risk of any diseases, especially the deadly ones is going to be low for you. Find a buddy to exercise with, so you are more motivated.

Don’t Diagnose Your Illness Using The Web

This is now the common habits of almost everybody since the Internet arrived, “googleing” their symptoms and making diagnosis using the Internet. Do you know that it would only lead to real serious diseases if you continue with this habit? Right now, we’re telling you to never diagnose your illness or whatever it is that you are feeling using the web. Don’t even try. For others who have had this as a habit, stop it right now. Lots of people who have googled their symptoms just end up being stressed about it, only to find out that they’re just fine.

Don’t Diagnose Your Illness Using The WebThe stress that they got from the information they found on the web was the one that caused them to be sicker! This is why it is not healthy and it is never advisable. Some testimonies include that one day, she found some rash on her legs and it is spreading like crazy. She also felt dizzy and weak. She tried to find the reason behind it on the Internet and apparently, the web said that she either have cancer or lupus. She was stressed about it and when she finally got a hold of a real doctor, apparently it was just an allergic reaction to something she ate.

Doctors say that the effect of those stress caused by misdiagnosis is even bad than the actual disease itself. This makes your mind unhealthy, which leads to worse situations that could really jeopardize your health. What you should instead is just go to a real doctor and allow the professionals to diagnose your case. They didn’t study for more than ten years just so people could go online and find solutions on their own. These professionals are here with us for a good reason.

On the issue of healthcare price, we know how it could be expensive depending on your place. But it will be pricier to deal with the disease caused by stress. And if you diagnose your illness using the web and even follow the medical instructions in there like taking in some wrong prescription, then that would be another expensive issue! Just cut to the core and see a doctor to really determine what you have. Most of the time it is really just a common cold, a normal house flu and nothing more serious than it.

Pay attention to this warning the next time you feel like having a fever or if something weird appeared on your body. If you feel like it could be more serious than the usual flu, then just go see a doctor. Searching the web on what it is will just waste your time and it could even get things worse.

You must also learn how to treat yourself anyway using natural remedies if you think you have flu. We’ll have some tips for you next time on how you could deal with it using stuff that can be found inside your home. For now, just stay away from websites that will make you self-diagnose your case!